Coral beds on the ocean floor seem an unlikely precursor to some of the most spectacular alpine cycling venues in Europe; but the dramatic limestone cliffs of the Dolomites were just that eons ago.

Forming a stunning backdrop for a cycling vacation, our chosen routes have yielded ‘out-of-category’ fabulous riding experiences. From the Tyrol region to the birth place of Titian in Italy to the pyramid shape of the Grossglockner (the highest mountain in Austria), we’ll experience the breadth and height of this region not only blessed with spectacular scenery, but rich in culture. By day we’ll explore intact walled cities of centuries ago, along with pristine alpine hideaways; and at the end of each day we’ll savor hearty meals, robust wines, and share tales of our adventures riding tiny roads over mountain passes made famous by our cycling heroes on many a Giro d’Italia.

Experiencing the Dolomites in their full beauty will be a never-ending visual and emotional treat. Riding the twisting roads where every turn brings more breathtaking views of forests, high meadows and towering rock peaks above, will continue to inspire and lure us on.

As they say in Italy, . . . There are mountains, and then there are the Dolomites . . .’the most beautiful construction in the world’. . .

Even those well-versed in the region will find some interesting background information here.


July 26th, 2022

Pickup from the Innsbruck AU airport or train station.

August 8th, 2022

Drop off at the Innsbruck airport of train station.